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About the Foundation

The Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation is dedicated to improving the health of the public by advancing the education and training of health professionals.

Since 1930, the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation has worked to improve health care in the United States. Founded by Kate Macy Ladd in memory of her father, prominent philanthropist Josiah Macy Jr., the Foundation supports projects that broaden and improve health professional education.  It is now the only national foundation solely dedicated to this mission.

About the Foundation:

Learn about our history.

Since 1930, the Foundation has dedicated itself to the promotion of health and the relief of suffering.

Hear from our president.

George E. Thibault, MD discusses the education of health professionals and explains the Foundation’s mission to serve the public’s needs.

View our Board of Directors.

A group of national leaders guides the Foundation.

Meet our staff.

A small team of dedicated staff leads the Foundation’s efforts to support its grantees and advance its mission.