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Macy Faculty Scholars: FAQs

New York, NY

We are thrilled at the response to our new Macy Faculty Scholars program. Since the two webinars we recently hosted, we’ve received great questions about the program and have taken the opportunity to provide answers to the most common of them.  If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact us.  We thank you for your interest in the program and look forward to receiving your application. 

Q: Can more than one school from the same university apply?

A: If your university has both a medical school and nursing school, you may nominate one from each school.

Q: Can the scholar grant be supplemented by other funding for the project?

A: Yes, other funding–be it private, public or in-kind–may be contributed to the proposed scholar’s project.

Q: Is the award up to 100K or 100K?

A: The award is $100,000 plus Fringe Benefits.  We recognize that in some cases this award amount will provide for more than 50% protected time for the scholar to pursue a mentored educational project.

Q: What do you include in Fringe Benefits?

A: This is intended to fund the institution’s standard benefit package.

Q: We have a great qualified Physical Therapy person.  Can we nominate her?

A: No, the program is intended to fund scholars who are either physicians or nurses.

Q: We are a new Medical School, less than 5 years old.  Can we still nominate a scholar?

A: If your medical school or nursing school has been in existence for less than 5 years, you may still nominate a candidate provided she/he has been a faculty member for more than 5 years in a United States accredited school.

Q: With respect to eligibility of the candidates, is there an upper limit in terms of years of service or appointment on what is considered mid-career?  For instance, would a full professor near the beginning of a term as full professor remain eligible?  Or, is the ideal candidate someone at the late assistant professor through associate professor rank?

A: There is no upper limit with regards to years of service in defining mid-career.  With that said, we expect likely candidates to be at the late assistant professor through associate professor rank.

Q: Can a PhD apply to the program?

A: PhD’s are not eligible for the program, unless, of course the PhD has an MD, RN or DO degree

Q: I have more than 5 years of faculty experience, however, at different schools.  Can I apply?

A: Yes, you are eligible.  In general, we expect the applicant to be at their institution for more than 5 years.  However, the decision to nominate a candidate must come from the dean of the school, who is best positioned to determine the most qualified candidate.

Q: Can an academic medical center be the sponsoring institution?

A: No.  The nominee can of course work in both a school and a medical center, but the nomination must come from the dean of a school.

Q: How do I find out what areas of curriculum development the Foundation is most interested in?

A: The main page of the Foundation web site lists the principal interests of the Foundation. The Foundation is open to innovative thoughts in other areas but priority is given to nominees who will address the Foundation’s core interests.

Q: Can the nominee’s mentor be located at an outside institution?

A: Yes, if there is a strong justification for choosing a mentor outside the school and it can be demonstrated that having an external mentor will not compromise the nominee’s project or impede mentorship.

Q: How many awards will be given?

A: The Foundation plans to make 5 awards in the first round.

Q: Should the educational innovation being proposed be accompanied by a budget that includes existing or potential funding sources?

A: Not necessarily. The Macy Faculty Scholar program supports the time of the individual. Additional associated costs would be borne by the educational institution or through independent funding. Evidence of strong institutional support, however, will make for a stronger application.

Still have questions? Please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


If there is no IPE expert on campus, is it possible to have a mentor outside of the school and/or university?

By Fran Vlasses on December 14, 2010

I was nursing faculty for 7 years at a private college, and just moved to a large university to teach more diverse students. Would I be eligible to apply?

By Mary Aruda on December 16, 2010

Can a part-time mid-career faculty person apply if she would still be able to dedicate 50% of her time to this project?

By Lauren Collins on December 23, 2010

I am very interested in applying for this program, but I only have 1.5 years of faculty experience. May I apply? If not, are you aware of other programs similar to this one, for health care providers earlier in their careers?

By Brett Worly on December 23, 2010

It was indicated, “There is no upper limit with regards to years of service in defining mid-career.  With that said, we expect likely candidates to be at the late assistant professor through associate professor rank.”
I have been an associate professor for 7 years. Would I still be eligible, or is this grant for someone who has only recently been promoted to the level of an associate professor?

By Horace DeLisser on January 12, 2011

My mentor is at a diffierent institution.  Is this acceptable for application?

By Patricia L. Cullen, PhD, CPNP on January 12, 2011

Is is possible that the program will ever be opened up to other health professionals?  With the emphasis on IPHE worldwide, this seems like a missed opportunity.

By Tina Brock on January 13, 2011

I’m faculty in the department of radiation oncology; director of the graduate program in medical physics. I’m very interested in applying for this program given the increased need to educate our students in the quality assurance of delivering radiation for therapeutic purposes. My only dilemma - I have a PhD. Medical physicists work closely with radiation oncologist in delivering optimal patient care. We are board certified through the American Board of Radiology - the same board that certifies our physicians. Would the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation reconsider the PhD requirement for this case?

By Stephen Avery on January 19, 2011

I am interested applying to this program. I completed 4 years of residency training and now I am doing a Fellowship. Both residency and fellowship consider their trainees as faculty as instructor level. Residency and Fellowship qualify for the 5-year requirement? Thanks

By Deya on January 19, 2011

If a faculty member has been full-time for less than 5 years but was a paid adjunct faculty member for many years before that - would he/she qualify as meeting the 5 year criteria?

By Cindy Selleck, ARNP, DSN on January 21, 2011

I understand that the goal of the mentor is to assist with the project and career. However, not every institution will have a content expert on a particular project who would also be the best fit to be a career advisor. Would you be able to give any guidance in terms of how to prioritize this? Is the priority for it to be the best person to help carry the project out to its conclusion? Or is it to find the best career mentor. Thanks

By Manuel on January 21, 2011

I’m trying to juggle time to partiicape in the webinar.  Is calling in for the audio portion good or will I miss ppt slides or something by not being on line?  How long does the webinar last?

By Janice on February 1, 2011

Does the faculty mentor have to be from the same school or discipline?  For instance, if a physician or nurse wanted to develop a curriculum for the required education reform project would it be permissible or even appropriate to have a mentor from the School of Education which may have more expertise in curriculum development?

By Quincy Byrdsong, Ed.D. on February 2, 2011

Do these awards support institutional Facilities and Administrative costs (indirect costs)?  If so, what is percentage of direct costs?

By Steven Pesae on March 4, 2011

I am a nurse and Doctor of epidemiology, and I have had an appt to our University for over a decade (Colleges of Public Health and Pharmacy), and now have appts to our COPH, COP, and CO Nursing, and a primary appt (for past 4 years) is in the CO Medicine. I work in IPE&T and aging at our Center on Aging, which umbrellas all Colleges at our academic medical Center. Will I qualify?

By Jane Mohler, RN, MPH, PhD on March 8, 2011

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